Andriy Sovetov has been composing music as a hobby since middle school and became much more serious about the craft after he began listening to film scores more intently in high school. Since then he has been actively writing music for a variety of ensembles ranging from Clarinet and Bassoon Duos to full orchestral works.

He’s received a performance for every chamber work written, and readings for all large ensemble works, including a public performance of his latest wind ensemble work, “Rupture”. As his voice began growing, he noticed the music of films more over time, and began to write music to picture in his early college years. The more he tried it, the more he began to realize the power of film music. He has since worked with student, indie, and professional film-makers, most recently being hired to score a documentary for The University of Colorado at Boulder. He’s also in the middle of multiple internships, working for composers Megan Cavallari, and Timothy Wynn and Christopher Lennertz at Sonic Fuel Studios.

Selected as a Finalist for the 2016 Morton Gould Young Composer’s Award, Andriy strives to incorporate a musical sophistication into his film scores in an attempt to be able to entertain audiences through supportive, dramatic underscores. He believes that there isn’t a more effective medium than combining visuals with music, and with that idea in mind, he always attempts to elicit certain emotions from the audience of his music, regardless of if he is writing for film or for the concert stage.